BING SEO Strategy

BING’s search engine ranks websites differently than Google and Yahoo. BING tends to focus more on titles and related keywords thenits nemesis Google. Like all search engines, backlinks are important, but you need to pay attention to link value and its neighborhoods. You don’t want to get links from bad neighborhoods… It will hurt your site!To help target yourmarket here is a “tip”, BING tends to draw ahigher number of female users, so sometimes “women-related” sites do really well using BING SEO Strategy. Our strategy is custom made for every client to pin point your needs.

EdgeTekk’s BING SEO Strategy focuses on Bing’s known, and not-so-known ranking system to get the most ranking points possible. (Please see our other SEO services in our Google SEO Strategy and Yahoo SEO strategy sections.) We also provide a Pay Per Click (PPC) service for BING advertising.