Website Design

Like many other situations in life – the first impression really does count. If your website does not convey your organization/ business/ services/ products the right way, potential customers won’t be hanging around long and will go elsewhere.  They will head directly to your competition.  Let’s face it; a custom professional website gives you instant credibility when you need it most, from the start.

Having a professional look increases sales and promotes a positive message. An effective website is one of the most important marketing traits every company should have. If you are sitting there saying “Well, I have an OK site” odds are it’s probably less thanOK, and with that, you will have an “OK” or less than “OK” return on your investment.  You need a website that conveys your message to the world clearly and attractively.  Customers need to feel a “WOW” impression right from the moment they click on your site.

Web Design Touch Up

Some companies do not need a complete new design, but need some touch up’s. If you have an effective website design but need a new and improved plat-form with updated features, we can help. Technology gets better as time goes on which makes it very easy to add such features as; a company blog, social media integration, or website 2.0 properties. If your website is sitting on old technologies it would be wise to upgrade, the sooner the better. One of the main reasons to upgrade, for example, may be going from a static to a dynamic website build. Static websites are harder to update and change.  Usually, a business owner would have to hire a webmaster to make even small content or menu changes.  Upgrading to a dynamic website gives you the power to make changes easily well saving you time and money.

Logo Design

We provide logo design services to capture your brand’s identity.  Having a memorable impact and establishing yourself in the marketplace is key. We will have a specialist contact you and have a strategy session to make sure we capture what is needed to create a powerful logo for years to come.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Spend your time where it’s needed, on your business. Let us handle thissmall, but important aspect of your business. Nothing’s worse than having your website catch a virus or go offline without having a dedicated support staff to call on.  We include an affordable hosting solution that includes maintenance, backups, support, and company emails.

Add Search Engine Optimization Services

We strongly recommend adding a SEO service to set up your newly designed or redesigned website. We offer a low cost start-up SEO package that sets you up for search engine success. To learn more please see our Starting SEO Edge Service.

Make a Starting SEO Edge Service website page and include the following content:

You will have a hard time ranking if your website is not set up with on page optimization. This is a very comprehensive starting package that will give your website everything it needs to start ranking on search engines.  What’s the point in paying for a beautiful custom website if no one can ever find it?

  • Keyword Research Report
  • No. of Pages Keyword Optimized
  • No. of Keywords
  • Meta Optimization
  • Alt Image Optimization
  • Robots.txt Setup
  • Dead Link Check & Error Page Fix-up
  • Google Sitemap
  • User Sitemap
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Setup
  • Footer Tag Inclusion
  • Social Bookmaking Button Tag
  • Sitemap Submission in Google
  • Link Exchange Page Setup
  • Full Work Report