Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


First off, it’s valuable for you to understand what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really is and if you need it.  SEO in its easiest form is separated into two main areas; on-page and off-page.


On-page SEO is when you design your website specifically to be found by search engineslike Google, Bing and Yahoo. In other words… your site needs to be designed in such a way that it is “SEO friendly” from scratch.  You can optimize websites for search engines to find them with almost any already made site, but the difference is that a site that is created for optimization will have much better results being found faster.

Off-page SEO is when we design campaigns and use various methods to increase your websites popularity with the search engines (e.g. link-building).  The end result is to achieve higher rankings in natural search section of search engines, which in turn, gets people to “click” on your site before they click on your competitors.  There isn’t much purpose to having a good website if it isn’t found.  It’s like putting a billboard in the middle of the forest.

It’s safe to say that every business could use some form of SEO to strengthen their online presence, but some businesses need it more than others.  Even if your website has top 3 rankings in all your main keywords (for instance you’re a tax attorney and you show up on the first page of Google for tax attorney, tax lawyer, and IRS lawyer) you could always expand to other areas that wouldattract more business (e.g. social media SEO).

Do You Need SEO Part II?

Every business has a budget and SEO is an investment. Of course we are biased here, but if you are investing in traditional marketing (e.g. yellow pages, newspaper directories) you should really consider investing in online and digital marketing.  We are pretty positive that you will never go back to just traditional marketing once you try us out.  Search Engine Optimization is that effective.

One of our favorite arguments in favor of SEO is this… Say you pay $2000 per month to put a billboard up on a local interstate.You are just “hoping” that someone will pass it that may need your services, and looks at it at the right time.  SEO essentially brings the billboard directly in front of your possible customers and plants it at every turn they make, but people still pay for that overpriced, non-effective billboard because traditional marketing has been around longer.

SEO doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes a little time to rev up, but once the SEO gets going the results are priceless for your company. Don’t throw away your money any longer on those overpriced billboards, or those yellow page ads that people just throw in the trash.  Venture into an area that will get you the results that you need.

Targeted Keyword Selection

It’s vital for any SEO strategist to target the right type of visitorto your website.  We provide in-depth research to discover the best money making keywords for your business. What sets us apart from our competitors is that the research that we undergo consisting of a multi-step process. We use several different source methods and software programs to capture as much data as possible. Once this data is captured we analyze it and from the results, we get the most valuable keywords for your business.  EdgeTekk includes all this for free when you sign up for one of our SEO services.  Our competitors usually charge an additional$300-$500 for this service alone!

SEO Services

We offer 3 core SEO services:  Local, National/Global and Social Media optimization.

Local SEO:

Local SEO focuses on your local market and keywords that potential clients will use to search for you.  If you provide a local service or offer local products this would be the best service for you.

National/global SEO:

National/global SEO focuses on a much larger, competitive platform where you offer services or products on a National or Global scale.

Social Media SEO:

With Social Media SEO, not only do we help you set up your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), we also optimize them just like a website. To have your website and social media pages showing up on page one increases the chances that you get the traffic from potential customers.  Not only that, but you would be dominating the search engines and the competition for your market.